What is the Marketing Syndicate?

Founded in 2016 by Joe Picarella and Ron Lowe, The Marketing Syndicate is the culmination of thousands of hours of both research and practice in the field of direct response marketing. The Marketing Syndicate was created with one goal in mind; to help as many businesses as possible to maximize their potential through properly designed and managed marketing campaigns. In the simplest terms, we are a marketing agency and marketing education provider. However, we’d like to think that what we really do is help people like you build a legacy that will last long after we are gone.  

Who is The Marketing Syndicate?

Joe Picarella
Joe is the creative mastermind behind the company and it’s been said he has a gift for the written word. He discovered direct response marketing by accident while reading a particular book and he was instantly hooked. He immediately searched out any and all material he could find on the subject and before long he was consulting with friends and family members that owned businesses on how to improve their marketing efforts. Once people began offering to pay for these services, a business was born. He has since spent thousands of hours (and tens of thousands of dollars) perfecting his craft. Joe provides assistance to clients with ad creation, copywriting, video scripts, email campaigns, landing page creation, marketing campaign creation, identifying target markets, identifying USP’s, and any other aspects to marketing that require communication between your company and your target market. On a personal note, Joe is a native of Southern California who loves the summer, detests the winter, and is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Arizona State University.
Ron Lowe
Ron is the networking ninja behind The Marketing Syndicate. Having reached the level of assistant vice president for a Fortune 500 company during his decade in the corporate world, Ron has a unique set of skills that make him a master at identifying and landing new prospects for both his own business, and for the businesses of his clients. In addition to networking and prospecting, Ron takes the lead when it comes to analyzing the numbers for the campaigns created and managed by The Marketing Syndicate. The creation of a marketing campaign is only half the battle; breaking down the numbers in order to identify where a campaign can be improved is the other half and Ron takes both pride and joy in being able to look at the back end of a campaign to figure out how its performance can be optimized. On the personal side of things, Ron enjoys being outdoors, swimming, hiking and spending time with his wife Clarissa, son Sullivan, and family and friends.