Consultation (The “do it yourself” package):

Investment – $250 per hour (two-hour minimum)

Description – The Marketing Syndicate consultation involves a one-on-one meeting with the founders of The Marketing Syndicate in order to dissect your business’ current marketing strategy and identify shifts that can be made immediately in order to better position your marketing campaigns to achieve your specific goals.

This will be accomplished by using this consultation to achieve any combination of the following tasks: identify your goals, identify your target market, identify your business’ unique selling proposition, identify what mistakes are currently being made in your marketing (if applicable), identify which type of campaign would be best for your business based on current goals, identify the proper budget for your new marketing campaign, identify the proper lead magnet for your business.

Who it is for – Any business owner, entrepreneur, or solopreneur who wants a crash course in the proper ways to create and run a marketing campaign as it applies to their specific business and who has the desire and means to put the information into action. We advise that you are ready to either create and run campaigns yourself, or have the right team in place to handle these duties prior to booking a consultation with us.

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