Partnership (The “do it for you” package):

Investment – $4,500 per month plus 10% of the net profit from sales generated through marketing campaigns created and run by The Marketing Syndicate (minimum 1-year contract) *Price does not include ad spend

Description – This is the ultimate marketing package where the founders of The Marketing Syndicate essentially become the in-house marketing arm of your company. With the Partnership Package, The Marketing Syndicate will create, launch, and oversee any and all ad campaigns. Any copy or imagery for ads, emails, landing pages, etc. will be created/sourced by The Marketing Syndicate and all metrics for any campaigns will be tracked by The Marketing Syndicate as well. The Partnership Package also includes weekly meetings to review marketing campaigns and efforts as well as unlimited access to The Marketing Syndicate founders.

Spaces for the Partnership Package are extremely limited and there is a qualification process to ensure that our businesses are a fit for one another.

Who it is for – Established businesses who are looking to get more out of their marketing efforts but have neither the time nor the interest in learning the ins and outs of marketing themselves. The Partnership Package really is for businesses that have a clear goal in mind but want to leave the marketing efforts to experts while they remain free to focus on the aspects of their business that they are best at and that energize them.

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