Type of Business: Business Consulting for Small Businesses and Startups


Website: www.gratefruit.com


Package: Weekly Sessions


Feedback from Business: “In just a few short months of working with The Marketing Syndicate, they have helped me to create my entire marketing strategy from the ground up. There is so much more to marketing than the average entrepreneur understands and these guys helped me to not only identify my target market, design and launch my first ad campaign, and create a sales funnel, but they also played a major role in helping me to design and launch my website and create my first book. And they do such a great job of explaining why each of these things is so important in order to effectively market your business."

Elisa Estrera, Founder


What we’ve accomplished: Created first ad campaign, assisted in getting first book written and published, assisted in getting website created, assisted in getting business social media accounts created, assisted in creating a sales funnel.